Helping the Development of the Real Economy Co-Discussing the Industrial Ecology of the Internet of Vehicles
October 14, 2019

With the rapid development of the Internet of Vehicles technology centered on 5G Communication, internet and big data computing, the Internet of Vehicles as an emerging technology needs to explore its investment subject, business model, communication standard, information security and other aspects with many fields, in order to promote its healthy and rapid development.


Today, a roundtable forum on "Road-exploring for the Development of the Internet of Vehicles Industry" jointly organized by the "Industry Roundtable" of Institute for Innovation and Development, Tsinghua University, China Electric Vehicle Committee of 100, Tencent Social Research Institute, Tengxing Think Tank and Beijing Fund Town was held in Beijing Fund Town.


Experts at the meeting believed that the innovation of the Internet of Vehicles technology should be down-to-earth and focus on safety, convenience and reliability. Starting from the essence of traffic, it should truly realize "coordination between people and vehicles", "coordination between vehicles and vehicles" and "coordination between vehicles and roads". Representatives from this industry at the meeting discussed with experts on such issues as the investment subject, application field and operation mode of the Internet of Vehicles, and its significance to the real economy development.

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