Review and evaluate from a global perspective: famous financial economist Patrick Bolton published the latest research report in Beijing Fund Town.
August 09, 2019

In 2008, the financial turmoil triggered by the US subprime mortgage crisis swept the world. Today, over a decade has passed and what role these regulatory policies have played in establishing a sound financial system is worthy of in-depth review and reflection.

On June 30, the internal symposium on the "Review and Evaluation of Financial Supervision since the Crisis: A Global Perspective", guided academically by the China Finance Association, was jointly held in Beijing Fund Town by the editorial office of Comparison, the Listed Company Research Center of the Wudaokou Finance Institute of Tsinghua University and Beijing Fund Town.

Professor Patrick Bolton is one of the world's well-known financial economists, and his academic research and achievements have a significant impact in the global financial arena. This time, he released the CEPR special report --Sound At Last? Assessing a Decade of Financial Regulation” at Beijing Fund Town. According to the report, the lack of necessary policy support for the central bank among the European and American countries, and the lack of corresponding regulatory mechanisms for shadow banks, caused the outbreak of the “grave but not fatal crisis ten years ago.

Beijing Fund Town has received subsequently many world-famous economists such as Kaushik Basu, chief economist of World Bank, Lord Turner, former chairman of the UK Financial Services Authority, Jean Tirole, Nobel Laureate in Economics, and Leon Campher, president of the International Investment Fund Association.

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