Here Comes the New “Integrity, Beijing Fund Town” Long Distance Walk Carnival Joined by Over Ten Thousand!
July 10, 2019

Have you heard that?

Following New Palace Museum

there may emerge New Heaven Temple

and New Summer Palace.

However, the latest program of the“new” series

is the international large-scale fitness activity for the general public.

May 11 saw the New “Integrity, Beijing Fund Town”

a grand event attended by over ten thousand of people

About 4 thousand from financial circles made up a square array!

The 11-year-old long distance walk carnival witnessed new moves each year!

This year we have

New faces

Investor Education Center of Beijing Fund Town is fully upgraded with its openness, profession and goals for public welfare···this is a platform that boasts brand new interactive experiences and focuses more on the education for investors and managers from the fund sector. Welcome to our center!

New Technology

5G Self-driving Car

The bell of 5G rings across the whole world and the Chinese people are so proud of being the front runner! Look, here comes the 5G self-driving car and the smart life in the future is certainly beyond your imagination!

New Experience

Shout it out if you love!

Shout it out if you love- Motherland, I love you!, this is definitely the most resonant sound in the whole experiencing area! 

Private Fund Investor Protection Month

The program of Private Fund Investor Protection Month starts and people from the financial circles actively responded to the initiative by pressing their fingerprints on the Tree of Integrity.

New Smile

How come you look so pretty when smiling?

Remember? What matters most in the Long Distance Walk Carnival? Absolutely happiness!

Even after the long walk,  

Dont forget our principle of walking long distance for health and happiness! Promise me not to be lazy and keep exercising for health! Lets gather next year in Beijing Fund Town.

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