History: The Origin of the Idiom – Unmoved Either by Gain or Loss
April 17, 2019

The idiom – unmoved either by gain or loss is known to all. The origin of this idiom has a special historical origin with the area where the Beijing Fund Town is located.

It is recorded that during the Tang dynasty, there was a man named Lu Chengqing who was the official of Changgou town. Once, Lu Chengqing assessed an official who was responsible for transporting food. Lu gave the official a “lower middle” rating because of a grain ship sinking. When the official knew the rating, he was neither dissatisfied nor complained. Seeing this, Chengqing took a second thought and believed that the food ship sinking was not the official’s personal responsibility and his personal strength could not save the damage. Thus, Lu Chengqing changed his rating to "middle" level. The official remained calm and even didn’t express his thanks. Lu was so impressed with his attitude that he changed the official's grade from "assessment rating" to "above average" level.

This was the birth of the idiom – unmoved by either gain or loss that included in the Dictionary of Chinese Culture.

In the area where Beijing Fund Town is locatedthere are many other "celebrities" like Lu's, whose stories have become eternal.


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