Beijing Fund Town Carries out Special Research
April 03, 2019

In order to improve the services and quality to better serve the entering institutions, Beijing Fund Town has recently organized and carried out a special research to listen to people's opinions and suggestions on the services of the Town through questionnaires and interviews.

This research focuses on the fund institutions that were originally registered in other provinces but actually have their offices in Beijing, and the fund institutions newly established in Beijing Fund Town by fund institutions from other provinces and cities. It was conducted synchronously by combining field investigation and questionnaire survey. The survey involved 40 entering fund institutions in the Town which were registered in 15 cities of 11 provinces.

The surveyed institutions were very supportive of this survey, and put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions for further improving the service quality of the Town, such as facilitating the communication platform between entering institutions, continuously carrying out the interpretation of tax policies, and keeping optimizing the working procedure. We have begun to deploy and will continue to intensify our efforts in these areas.

During our survey, the entering institutions referred to many policy problems that needed to be addressed including more support for permanent residency of talents and applying for residence permit, preferential policies on personal income tax, building government-led funds as well as streamlining services produce. In response to these opinions, we are actively giving our feedback to and communicating and coordinating with relevant departments to provide a better development environment for the entering institutions.




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